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Treatment Of Mr. Martin Mawyer By U.N. Officers Must Be Investigated

16 October 2002

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2002 Ron Paul 100:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I rise to place into the record a copy of the Washington Observer newsletter demonstrating the treatment a citizen of the United States received at the hands of agents of the United Nations in New York City. As you can see the attached newsletter demonstrates, Mr. Martin Mawyer, President of the Christian Action Network was forcibly removed from the U.N. grounds by three or four uniformed U.N. officers.

2002 Ron Paul 100:2
Mr. Speaker, as you are aware, Section 7, subsection (b) of the U.N. host country agreement (Establishment of Permanent Headquarters in New York; Agreement Between United Nations and United States; Joint Res. Aug. 4, 1947, ch. 482, 61 Stat. 756) states, in part “the federal, state and local law of the United States shall apply within the headquarters district.” Moreover, as Mawyer states in item #6 on his signed affidavit regarding this incident: “Without asking me to leave, he ordered his security officers, ‘Throw him out of the gates.’ ”

2002 Ron Paul 100:3
Clearly the photographs included in the attached story evidences the fact that an excessive use of force is apparent. I also understand that a video tape of the entire event is in Mr. Mawyer’s possession.

2002 Ron Paul 100:4
Mr. Speaker, while I am not charging that the U.N. agents involved have in fact violated U.S. laws, I do believe the attached items demonstrate that sufficient evidence exists for an investigation to be undertaken and I have asked that the International Relations Committee or the appropriate subcommittee to undertake said investigation.

2002 Ron Paul 100:5
[From the Washington Observer, Sept. 2002]
Martin Mawyer, President and Founder of THIS NATION, a Project of Christian Action Network, was violently tossed down the steps of U.N. Headquarters in New York City on Wednesday, Sept. 4, by U.N. Security officers. He was then placed under arrest after he attempted to deliver petitions to the United Nations from thousands of THIS NATION supporters. Christian Action Network is a national grassroots pro-family organization with a membership of 250,000.

2002 Ron Paul 100:6
Badly bruised and cut, with his clothes torn and dirtied by the violent treatment, Mawyer was stunned and outraged at the behavior of the U.N. Security officers.

2002 Ron Paul 100:7
“I can’t even express how horrifying, humiliating and painful it was to be treated that way with my staff and my wife and son looking on in shock,” said Mawyer.

2002 Ron Paul 100:8
Mawyer added that the rough treatment was even more shocking since the U.N. had already agreed to accept the petitions when contacted by THIS NATION the previous week.

2002 Ron Paul 100:9
“Not only did they agree to accept the petitions of our supporters,” said Mawyer, “but they assured us that we would be met on the steps of the U.N. and may possibly be able to meet personally with a U.N. official who would listen to some of our concerns.

2002 Ron Paul 100:10
“Instead,” he continued, “they were waiting for me on the U.N. steps when I arrived, fully intent on shattering my dignity and resolve to deliver the petitions.

2002 Ron Paul 100:11
“Well, the U.N. stopped me from delivering the petitions,” he went on, “but they have only deepened my resolve to confront them on issues of grave concern to citizens across America.”

2002 Ron Paul 100:12
Mawyer had intended to deliver 30 bags filled with more than 60,000 petitions to the U.N. from American citizens. The petitions addressed a variety of issues of concern to citizens, including the U.N.’s newly ratified International Criminal Court, a plan to implement a U.N. standing army, the Kyoto global warming treaty, protection of U.S. military personnel serving in U.N. missions abroad, and a host of other issues relating to national sovereignty.

2002 Ron Paul 100:13
After the U.N. Security officers refused to accept the petitions and tossed him roughly onto the sidewalk, Mawyer attempted to deliver the bags of petitions over the U.N. gate. But U.N. Security officers threw the bags back over the gate onto the sidewalk, scattering petitions into the street.

2002 Ron Paul 100:14
As soon as Mawyer arrived, U.N. Security called the NYPD. When the police arrived, Mawyer was handcuffed, arrested and taken to jail.

2002 Ron Paul 100:15
“I sat in jail for several hours not even knowing what I was there for,” he said. After he was released from jail, Mawyer was issued a summons for disorderly conduct.

2002 Ron Paul 100:16
“It’s clear that there was no reason whatsoever to assault me, arrest me, or charge me,” said Mawyer of the incident. “In fact, they never even asked me to leave the United Nations property. They just ordered the officers to throw me out.”

2002 Ron Paul 100:17
Mawyer added that the summons doesn’t even contain the name or badge number of the arresting NYPD officer.

2002 Ron Paul 100:18
Mawyer’s attorney, David Carroll, was present during the incident. He said Mawyer clearly did not violate any laws, and was victimized when the U.N. refused to allow him to exercise his First Amendment right to petition the government, and to exercise his free speech. Carroll added that Mawyer may have grounds to file assault charges against the U.N. Security officers.

2002 Ron Paul 100:19
“What is most outrageous about this incident is that the U.N. has consistently criticized the United States, our law enforcement and criminal justice systems, and has even asked to inspect our prisons and jails to make sure we are treating prisoners fairly,” said Mawyer. “Yet they brutally assaulted me on the steps of their headquarters, then I was tossed in jail, my First Amendment rights were violated — all the while they sit on U.S. soil, enjoying the blessings of our nation and the fruits of our industry. They won’t even accept the valid petitions from the very citizens whose own tax dollars support them.”

2002 Ron Paul 100:20
He added, “It’s outrageous, and I intend to expose the arrogance of the U.N. for the entire world to see.”

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