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1998 Ron Paul Chapter 87

Ballot Access — Part 2

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30 July 1998

1998 Ron Paul 87:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Chairman, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

1998 Ron Paul 87:2
My amendment, once again, lowers and standardizes the required signatures to get Federal candidates on the ballot. There is a great deal of inequity among the States, and it works against the minor candidates and prevents many from even participating in the process.

1998 Ron Paul 87:3
For this reason, many individuals have lost interest in politics. They are disinterested, and every year it seems that the turnout goes down. This year is no exception. Forty-two percent of the American people do not align themselves with a political party. Twenty-nine percent, approximately, align themselves with Republicans and Democrats. Yet, the rules and the laws are written by the major party for the sole purpose of making it very expensive and very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to get on the ballot.

1998 Ron Paul 87:4
If we had more competition and more openness, we would get more people out to vote. It would not clutter the ballot, it would not have overcrowding, but it would allow discourse, and it would be beneficial to the process.

1998 Ron Paul 87:5
Mr. Chairman, I reserve the balance of my time.

This speech is a continuation of Ron Paul’s debate started in 1998 Ron Paul Chapter 86.

1998 Ron Paul 87:5 Mr. Chairman, I reserve the balance of my time. Ron Paul resumes consumption of said time in 1998 Ron Paul Chapter 88.

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