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2012 Ron Paul Chapter 15


1 August 2012

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2012 Ron Paul 15:1
Mr. PAUL. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

2012 Ron Paul 15:2
I’m still rather impressed with the obsession over a weapon that does not exist and no concern whatsoever about many nuclear weapons that are held by countries that never even joined the nuclear nonproliferation treaty.

2012 Ron Paul 15:3
It’s called for in the debate that Iran should end all its nuclear programs, but they’re permitted to have the nuclear program under the nonproliferation treaty. And the other countries that have weapons, including the countries that hold the weapons that came from the Soviet system, it seems like that would be a much greater danger.

2012 Ron Paul 15:4
The investigation by either the U.N. or by our CAs has never indicated that they have ever enriched above 20 percent. And they said they won’t even do it to 20 percent if the West would cooperate and sell them this material. They said, we don’t need it, but we need 20 percent enrichment for nuclear isotopes, medical isotopes. So our refusal to deal with them prompts them to take up enrichment to 25 percent; 5 percent, of course, is what they’re allowed to do for nuclear energies.

2012 Ron Paul 15:5
But this idea that we can badger people and then defy the law, what we’re asking them to do, to close down their program, is you’re asking them to defy international law. They agreed to this. They have a right to do this under this treaty. And for us to come and say, well, they must quit it, I think it really is very close to an obsession on a country that is incapable of attacking us, or attacking—they don’t have a history of invading their neighboring countries. The last time they were at war was with Iraq, and we bugged Iraq to go into Iran.

2012 Ron Paul 15:6
So I find this very distressing that the obsession continues. I find it very, very upsetting that this vote will, of course, be overwhelmingly in support of correcting the civil liberties of Syria and making Iran toe the line and give up on something that they’re permitted to do. A vote for this, in my opinion, in time will show that it’s just one more step to another war that we don’t need.

2012 Ron Paul 15:7
We have not been provoked. They are not a threat to our national security, and we should not be doing this. We’ve been doing it too long. For the last 10, 15 years we have been just obsessed with this idea that we go to war and try to solve all the problems of the world; and at the same time, it is bankrupting us.

2012 Ron Paul 15:8
I strongly urge a “no” vote on this resolution.

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