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11 May 2010
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 Ron Paul 22:1
Mr. PAUL. Madam Speaker, on May 16, 2010, Galveston, Texas will celebrate Reverend David Everson Day in honor of Reverend Eversonís eleven years of service as the pastor of the First Union Baptist Church. I am pleased to join the First Union Baptist congregation, and all the people of Galveston, in celebrating Reverend Eversonís 11 years of service.

2010 Ron Paul 22:2
First Union Baptist has had numerous achievements under Reverend Eversonís leadership. For example, First Union Baptistís Hall Chapel was repaired and adapted to serve as a computer school and resource center for youth and adult literacy. Reverend Everson also led efforts to repair the church parsonage.

2010 Ron Paul 22:3
In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike; Reverend Everson worked tirelessly to meet the immediate spiritual needs of the First Union Baptist congregation while ensuring that First Union Baptist could resume its schedule of regular weekly services and ancillary activities as soon as possible. Reverend Everson continued to demonstrate exceptional commitment to his parish while leading the efforts to repair the damage the church suffered during Hurricane Ike.

2010 Ron Paul 22:4
Reverend Everson has contributed greatly to both the church, and the entire Galveston community, by being there for all who need a friend, comforter, and spiritual counselor. Reverend Everson not only cares for those in his congregation, he is always seeking to bring new people into the First Union Baptist congregation. The people of First Union Baptist, and all of Galveston, are certainly lucky to have such a dedicated man as Reverend Everson in their community. I, therefore, join the congregation of First Union Baptist Church and all of the people of Galveston in celebrating Reverend David Everson Day.

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