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2010 Ron Paul 10:1
Mr. PAUL. Madam Speaker, on March 4th, the Galveston Chamber of Commerce will hold its 164th annual meeting. Established by the Ninth Congress of the Republic of Texas in 1845, making it the oldest chamber of commerce in Texas, the Galveston Chamber of Commerce works to promote and advocate for the business community of Galveston.

2010 Ron Paul 10:2
At the March 4th meeting, the Galveston Chamber of Commerce will honor 32 Galveston businesses who have served the Galveston Community for 100 years or longer. The Port of Galveston, which has been in operation since 1825, is the oldest business in the community.

2010 Ron Paul 10:3
It is truly a remarkable achievement that these 32 businesses kept their doors open through several hurricanes, tropical storms, recessions, and the Great Depression.

2010 Ron Paul 10:4
I certainly agree with Gina Spagnola, president of the Galveston Chamber of Commerce, who said “Our business community is the lifeblood of our community, and we must continue to welcome, appreciate, encourage, support and protect them.”

2010 Ron Paul 10:5
Madam Speaker, it is a tremendous pleasure to join my friends at the Galveston Chamber of Commerce in saluting these businesses for their years of service to the people of Galveston. I am truly honored to serve as their representative and hope all my colleagues all join me in congratulating these outstanding businesses. I have attached a list of the names of the businesses that will be honored on March 4 and the date that the companies were established.

2010 Ron Paul 10:6
Del Papa Distributing Company, 1910; Moody National Bank, 1907; American National Insurance Company, 1905; Biehl & Company, 1905; Rosenberg Library, 1904; Malloy & Son Funeral Home, 1902; Fred Hartel Company, 1900; Galveston Country Club, 1898; the Grand 1894 Opera House, 1894; and Stewart Title, 1893.

2010 Ron Paul 10:7
Galveston Insurance Associates, 1892; University of Texas Medical Branch, 1891; Galveston Independent School District, 1884; AT&T, 1878; The Children’s Center, Inc., 1878; Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church, 1876; Frost Bank, 1874; Grace Episcopal Church, 1868; J. Levy & Termini Funeral Home, 1868; Galveston County Medical Society, 1865; and Texas Gas Service, 1856.

2010 Ron Paul 10:8
Ott Monument Works, 1854; First Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1850; Mills Shirley LLP, 1846; Galveston Chamber of Commerce, 1845; Gal-Tex Pilots Service Corporation, 1845; Galveston County Daily News, 1842; Trinity Episcopal Church, 1841; First Baptist Church, 1840; Moody Memorial First United Methodist Church, 1838; City of Galveston, 1837; Port of Galveston, 1825.

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