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2009 Ron Paul Chapter 98

Afghanistam Part 3

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Congressional Record [.PDF]

2009 Ron Paul 98:1
Mr. PAUL. I would like to just make one more comment as we close the Special Order.

2009 Ron Paul 98:2

I opened my remarks talking about Barbara Tuchman’s “The March of Folly.” We are on the same course. I would say it’s time to march home. I’m not for sending any more troops. It is very clear in my mind that if the job isn’t getting done and we don’t know what we’re there for, I would say, you know, it’s time to come home, because I fear – and it’s been brought up. Congressman MCGOVERN has brought it up, and everybody’s talked about the finances of this because it is known that all great nations, when they spread themselves too thinly around the world, they go bankrupt. And that is essentially what’s happened to the Soviet system. They fell apart for economic reasons.

2009 Ron Paul 98:3

So there are trillions of dollars spent in this operation. We’re flat-out broke, a $2 trillion increase in the national debt last year, and it just won’t continue. So we may not get our debate on the floor. We may not be persuasive enough to change this course, but I’ll tell you what, the course will be changed. Let’s hope they accept some of our suggestions, because when a Nation crumbles for financial reasons, that’s much more dangerous than us taking the tough stance and saying, It’s time to come home.

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