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Ron Paul Congratulations To Brazosport Independent School District

29 september 2006

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Congratulations To Brazosport Independent School District
29 september 2006

2006 Ron Paul 95:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, Brazosport Independent School District, located in my home county of Brazoria, has received a $458,369 Smaller Learning Communities Program grant from the Department of Education. The Smaller Learning Communities Program promotes academic achievement through the creation or expansion of small, safe, and successful learning environments in large public high schools to help ensure that all students graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to make successful transitions to colleges and careers.

2006 Ron Paul 95:2
Brazosport High School will use the Smaller Learning Communities Program grant to build on past efforts by implementing and expanding successful strategies and activities. Among the projects the grant will help Brayosport High School implement are extensive development activities for the faculty and staff, advisory periods, accelerated curriculum, after- school classes, ninth grade transition activities, and task force committees.

2006 Ron Paul 95:3
Brazosport High School’s project goals include: (1) increasing the academic performance of all students and reducing the gap in achievement among students of different racial and economic backgrounds; (2) ensuring that the Smaller Learning Communities are environments where students feel safe, known, supported and motivated to succeed; (3) and ensuring that students attain the strong academic knowledge and skills necessary for a successful college career.

2006 Ron Paul 95:4
Mr. Speaker, I have no doubt that the same commitment to education excellence that enabled Brazosport Independent School District to obtain this grant will enable the school to achieve all of its goals. I am therefore pleased to extend my congratulations to Brazosport Independent School District for obtaining a Smaller Learning Communities Program grant.

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