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Ron Paul Tribute To Lee College

25 September 2006

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Tribute To Lee College
25 September 2006

2006 Ron Paul 84:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, residents of Chambers County and Baytown, in my Congressional district, who currently lack high-speed internet access, will soon be able to obtain an extremely reliable high-speed internet service comparably priced to DSL. This is due to the efforts of a consortium consisting of Lee College, Chambers County, Chambers Liberty Counties Navigation District, East Chambers Independent School District, and Trinity Bay Conservation District.

2006 Ron Paul 84:2
The consortium began working on the project in 2000, after the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund board authorized Community Network Grants in order to fund internet access for undersevered areas. Lee College applied for a $500,000 grant on behalf of the consortium. The consortium was one of the few groups that were awarded the full grant of $550,000 — the amount applied for plus a 10% match by the consortium.

2006 Ron Paul 84:3
Among the technical challenges fadng the consortium was constructing four 150-foot towers, wiring ten buildings, and coordinating with the governmental agencies involved. Once those challenges where resolved, the consortium faced the challenge of finding a company to maintain the system. Fortunately, the consortium was able to contract with TeleShare Communications Services.

2006 Ron Paul 84:4
TeleShare was looking for opportunities to expand, and, according to Mark Ocker, Tele- Share’s president,” . . . the opportunity to use an existing network by partnering with Chambers County and Lee College came up, and it proved to be a great match for both TeleShare and the consortium.”

2006 Ron Paul 84:5
I am pleased to take this opportunity to extend my congratulations and thanks to Lee College and all the members of the consortium for their efforts to improve the lives of the residents of Chambers County and Baytown.

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