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Ron Paul Praising Galveston College’s Strategic Plan

12 September 2006

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Praising Galveston College’s Strategic Plan
12 September 2006

2006 Ron Paul 76:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, Galveston College, which is in my district, is in the fifth year of its strategic plan to better help its students meet the challenges of the 21st century by transforming itself into a learning college. The learning college is an exciting new model designed to ensure community colleges respond quickly to internal and external challenges and think creatively about the future.

2006 Ron Paul 76:2
The learning college rests on collaboration between students who are willing and able to take primary responsibility for making their own choices and faculty and staff who are able to empower students with the tools students need to make sound choices. Galveston College helps students develop the attitudes and behaviors necessary for academic and professional success. Galveston College also challenges its employees to work in an environment based on teamwork and a culture open to change and learning.

2006 Ron Paul 76:3
Fundamental to the learning college experience is the creation of different options for learning, including the traditional classroom, laboratory and clinical settings, and Internet coursework. A learning college also assists students in forming and participating in collaborative learning activities.

2006 Ron Paul 76:4
Since adopting the learning college model, Galveston College has made an increased variety of coursework and programs available to students. Many of these programs involve creative uses of technology that enhance the learning process. For example, thanks to collaboration with the Virtual College of Texas, Galveston College has made available a large selection of Internet coursework to its students.

2006 Ron Paul 76:5
Galveston College has also implemented several initiatives to improve its developmental I programs and student services technology. These initiatives include Achieving the Dream funded by the Lumina Foundation; a title V Grant, Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions Program; and the Quality Enhancement Plan. These initiatives will allow the college to implement best practices in student retention.

2006 Ron Paul 76:6
In order to better ensure that it is preparing students for good jobs in the Galveston area, Galveston College has assigned an account executive to work with the Galveston Chamber of Commerce, the Galveston Economic Development Partnership, and the Galveston city government to ensure Galveston College’s course offerings match the needs of the community.

2006 Ron Paul 76:7
Galveston College’s efforts are showing results. On May 18, 2006, CCBenefits, Inc. completed a socioeconomic impact study of Galveston College. The report details how Galveston College benefits the students and the community. According to the study, a student at Galveston College will see an increase of $6.62 in lifetime earnings for each dollar spent at Galveston College. The study also estimated that Galveston’s economy is $107.3 million stronger due to the actions of Galveston College.

2006 Ron Paul 76:8
This year, Galveston College had the largest graduating class in its history. With its commitment to fashioning a 21st century learning college that provides students with a first class education designed to help them meet today’s challenges, I have no doubt Galveston College will remain an asset to the Galveston community and a model for other community colleges to follow.

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