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Ron Paul Tribute To Bruce Farmer

12 July 2006

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Tribute To Bruce Farmer
12 July 2006

2006 Ron Paul 54:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I wish to take this opportunity to pay tribute to Mr. Bruce J. Farmer, Sr., a remarkable man who passed away on June 28. I also respectfully request unanimous consent to insert the printed version of a eulogy for Mr. Farmer.

2006 Ron Paul 54:2
Mr. Farmer, a resident of Galveston, Texas, was a husband, father of four sons, entrepreneur, and community leader. Mr. Farmer’s career exemplifies the best features of American capitalism. Mr. Farmer was CEO of Farmer’s Copper Ltd., which he founded in 1978 as Farmer’s Copper and Industrial Supply. Under his leadership, Farmer’s Copper Ltd. grew into one of the nation’s largest privately owned copper and brass distributors, employing approximately 185 people in Galveston. Mr. Farmer began working in the metal fabrication business at the age of 14, when he went to work for Farmer’s Marine Copper Works, an engineering and fabrication firm founded by his father and uncle. Mr. Farmer was also CEO of the Four Winds Investments and a director of Moody National Bank

2006 Ron Paul 54:3
Mr. Farmer first demonstrated his commitment to serving his community and country at the age of 16 when he enlisted in the U.S. Merchant Marines in order to serve his country at the height of World War II. Throughout his life, Mr. Farmer did not allow the demands of growing his business to distract him from becoming involved in various local and national organizations. For example, he served on the Methodist Foundation Board and on other boards of the Methodist Church. An avid outdoorsman who loved fishing, hunting, golfing, and skiing, Mr. Farmer also served as past President of the Galveston Propeller Club and received the Maritime Man of the Year award.

2006 Ron Paul 54:4
Mr. Speaker, I am honored to be able to pay tribute to this fine man, and I hope all my colleagues join me in sending my deepest condolences to his family. I hope Mr. Farmer’s family is comforted by the knowledge that the whole community of Galveston joins them in mourning his passing.

2006 Ron Paul 54:5
There’s a feeling apart In a father’s heart For his son. A certain pride Down deep inside For this special one. When there are two Its twice come true And life grows richer still. A third little boy Is a brand new joy, And all seems perfect until; You add one more To make it four, And life takes on a new zest, To share life’s joys With four little boysIs living at its best.

2006 Ron Paul 54:6
Bruce kept that poem in his desk at work. I think that says a lot about the man and his philosophy. His family was part of his work and his work was part of his family. I have had the honor and privilege of working with Bruce for the past twenty five years. Notice I said with and not for. No one worked for him.

2006 Ron Paul 54:7
Everyone at Farmer’s Copper is part of a team, part of the family. We all knew that there was not a job Bruce could not do, would not do or had not done. He was a man that led by example.

2006 Ron Paul 54:8
Every morning he would make his rounds through the offices ostensibly to check on the staff and see how business was doing. The real reason was that he wanted to mooch hugs from all of the ladies.

2006 Ron Paul 54:9
Bruce would also make his rounds through the warehouse. He would stop in the different departments to see how the equipment was running, how the men were doing and what the day’s workload looked like. He would offer his opinion or make a suggestion and then tell them to “carry on”. Funny, I never remember him mooching hugs down there.

2006 Ron Paul 54:10
Bruce really valued his employees and truly treated them as family. There were dozens of times when he quietly and privately helped an employee through their personal tragedies and hardships. Me included.

2006 Ron Paul 54:11
He always kept his door open and would gladly listen to any employees concerns, complaints or suggestions. Bruce always had time to help.

2006 Ron Paul 54:12
Under his leadership, Farmer’s Copper grew from a tiny almost afterthought division of Farmer’s Marine into a leader of the metals industry. Farmer’s Copper is known both nationally and internationally as the premier source for copper based metals.

2006 Ron Paul 54:13
His unique vision and courage to stay on the forefront of technological advances in both equipment and material is what makes us a leader today and for the last twenty five years.

2006 Ron Paul 54:14
His willingness to invest in equipment, inventory and especially people has assured our success. His boundless energy and ever present optimism inspired us all. During industry downturns when others saw troubles, Bruce found opportunity. When everyone else was in the dark, Bruce found the light. That is how in a volatile and cyclical industry we have always prospered.

2006 Ron Paul 54:15
On a personal note, I have lost one of my best friends, a fishing buddy and hunting partner. But most of all, I’ve lost my second father. I have known Bruce all of my life. The older we got, the closer we got. He meant more to me than words can say. And I know without a doubt that he felt the same towards me.

2006 Ron Paul 54:16
That’s how it was with Bruce. When you were his friend, you felt it deep down in your heart. And if you were not his friend, that just meant that you had not met him yet.

2006 Ron Paul 54:17
I guess the highest honor he gave me was when I became a member of the “Old Fart Hunting Club.” Every year on the second weekend of deer season Bruce would round up the “Old Farts” and we head out to the Rock Island ranch.

2006 Ron Paul 54:18
This group consisted of Bruce’s oldest and dearest friends. Members included Buddy Benson, Jimmy Regan, Bill Glenn, Gene Morris and of course the late Nat Pepper. There were dozens of other honorary members who attended through the years. You always knew that things would get exciting when Joe Cantini made the trip. And you always had make sure there was just a little bourbon for when Kenneth Nance would drop by.

2006 Ron Paul 54:19
Last year I was the only participant under retirement age that had not had a heart attack. The trips were exciting for me every year. Sitting around the fire or on the front porch with these guys have been some of the best times of my life. Listening to stories of their past: the obstacles faced, the friends lost and the achievements accomplished made me proud to be included. It also made me a better man. Of course some of the tails were pretty tall and then there was the always present practical jokes.

2006 Ron Paul 54:20
I think my favorite included Nat. Nat always enjoyed his Saturday night bath. As the story goes, one such night Bruce called out to Nat that he had drawn a bath for him. Nat thanked him and proceeded to the giant old cast iron, clawed foot tub. After he disrobed and prepared to enter the tub he saw it. A small bass swimming in circles trying to find its way out.

2006 Ron Paul 54:21
Bruce had caught the fish earlier and placed it in the tub. I don’t know who was more shocked. Nat or the bass. Like the bass we must find our way now. Everyone here is a better person for having known Bruce. We as friends, family and coworkers must now “carry on”.

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