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2004 Ron Paul Chapter 12

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Congressional Record [.PDF]

H. Res. 412 Honoring Men And Women Of The Drug Enforcement Administration — Part 3
3 March 2004

2004 Ron Paul 12:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

2004 Ron Paul 12:2
Mr. Speaker, let me just close with a comment about the prison system and what has happened. As I mentioned before, 84 percent of Federal prisoners are nonviolent drug offenders. Many go into prison, and they come out hardened criminals, and the problem is made much worse. Because of overcrowding, we have the release of violent prisoners because the prisons are too full. Also, the rules on mandatory sentencing of non-violent offenders have not been a good idea and have contributed to the problems that we face.

2004 Ron Paul 12:3
Another thing which I have not mentioned before but is worth thinking about is the inequity in the enforcement of laws. If one happens to be a wealthy, white-collar worker caught using cocaine, the odds of that individual serving time in prison is very reduced, compared to if you are caught in the inner city. It seems there is less justice for the inner city youth. This, of course, intensifies the problems of the inner city.

2004 Ron Paul 12:4
Once again, all I ask is that in the future we look at our drug policy because current policy is working so poorly, and also to reconsider the fact that we have gone 30 years with a program where there is no evidence of success, and astoundingly it was all done under an executive order.

2004 Ron Paul 12:5
Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance of my time.

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