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Statement on the Death of John Cardinal O’Connor

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4 May 2000

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Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I want to join my colleagues who spoke today about the death of Cardinal O’Connor. In the passing of this tremendous spiritual beacon, millions of American worshipers have lost a great shepherd of the faithful.

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Cardinal O’Connor was an unabashed champion for human life and human dignity. His presence will be missed. Throughout his illness he showed us how to face death with dignity as well.

2000 Ron Paul 31:3
John Cardinal O’Connor was a giant. He lived his life as a true pillar of faith. In a time when our nation and our world has witnessed a general move toward the devaluation of our common humanity, this man stood firm against the grain. There has never been a time when it has been as difficult as it is now for people to stand against the worst traits of modernity. Cardinal O’Connor’s example shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that humans can continue to stand firm for noble goals even in this most difficult of times.

2000 Ron Paul 31:4
Having had the opportunity to correspond with him recently, I can attest that he remained a gentle and principled man until the very end of his earthly life. May God continue to bless the Cardinal and reveal Himself in all of His majesty to this great man in the place he has now been welcomed.

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