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1999 Ron Paul Chapter 6

Introducing Legislation To Prevent Expansion Of American Military Intervention Without Congressional Approval

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11 February 1999

(Mr. PAUL asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)

1999 Ron Paul 6:1
Mr. PAUL. Madam Speaker, we have troops in 144 countries of the world today. President Clinton has announced that he will now send troops to Kosovo. We are bombing in Iraq on a daily basis. We have been in Bosnia now for three years, although we were supposed to be there for six months. We should not go into Kosovo; we should not go there, absolutely, without congressional approval.

1999 Ron Paul 6:2
I have introduced legislation that will prevent the President from sending troops to further expand our intervention around the world without congressional approval. This is very, very important. We are spending so much money on intervention in so many countries around the world at the same time our national defense is being diminished. Worst of all, the President is planning to put these thousands of troops under a British commander.

1999 Ron Paul 6:3
It is time we took it upon ourselves to exert our authority to restrain the President in spreading troops around the world.

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