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Honoring The Jack C. Hays High School Rebel Band

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4 May 1999
Tuesday, May 4, 1999

1999 Ron Paul 38:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, the Jack C. Hays High School Rebel Band of Austin, Texas, recently earned the distinct honor of being selected for the 1999 Sudley “Flag of Honor” award from the John Philip Sousa Foundation. This award is the highest recognition of excellence in concert performance that a high school band can receive. During the 17 years the award has been in existence, only 39 bands from the entire United States and Canada have been selected for the Flag of Honor. Conductor Gerald Babbitt and his Rebel band deserve our praise and recognition on the occasion of receiving this prestigious award.

1999 Ron Paul 38:2
The John Philip Sousa Foundation designed this award to identify and recognize high school concert band programs of very special excellence at the international level. To be eligible for nomination, a band must have maintained excellence over a period of many years in several areas including concert, marching, small ensemble and soloists. The director must have been the conductor of the band for at least the previous seven consecutive years including the year of the award.

1999 Ron Paul 38:3
Each recipient receives a four-by-six foot “Flag of Honor” which becomes the property of the band, The flag is designed in red, white and blue and bears the logo of the John Philip Sousa Foundation. The conductor receives a personal plaque and each student in the band receives a personalized diploma.

1999 Ron Paul 38:4
Mr. Speaker, it is indeed an honor to have such an outstanding high school band in the 14th Congressional District. I am delighted to extend my hearty congratulations to them. Their hard work and dedication is an inspiration to us all.

This statement, inserted into the Congressional Record but never delivered on the House floor, is similar to a statement in 1999 Ron Paul Chapter 45.

1999 Ron Paul 38:1 Mr. Speaker, the Jack C. Hays School Rebel Band of Austin, Texas, cf: Mr. Speaker, the Jack C. Hays High School Rebel Band of Buda, Texas, 1999 Ron Paul 45:1.

1999 Ron Paul 38:1 “Sudley Flag of Honor” cf: Sudler “Flag of Honor” in 1999 Ron Paul 45:1.

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