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Tribute To The Bay City Girls Softball Association

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10 March 1999
Wednesday, March 10, 1999

1999 Ron Paul 15:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, later this month I will attend the 40th anniversary celebration of the Bay City Girls Softball Association. The Association has a distinguished history of providing recreational opportunities to girls in Bay City, Texas.

1999 Ron Paul 15:2
Begun in 1959 with the fielding of the Delta Sparks by Lila Ray and Jerry Babik, currently the association serves youth ages 4 to 18. Among the honors received by the group are induction in 1975 of the Bay City VIPs led by Coach Ratliff into to the National Amateur Softball Association Hall of Fame, and the receipt of the National Association’s “Most Improved Award” in 1944.

1999 Ron Paul 15:3
With heroic community leaders like Jack Rice and Palmer Robbins and recent activists such as Mike Mariner, Judd Perry, J.B. Smith and Dennis Mueck the business of preparing and making available playing fields for the association has been a real community effort in Bay City.

1999 Ron Paul 15:4
And, with a storied history including legendary players like Patty Branagan, Diane Herreth, Carol Ray, Jeannie Mathis, Linda Babik, Diana Slliva and Connie Brooks and renowned coach Lila Ray the ladies have certainly made the most of these opportunities.

1999 Ron Paul 15:5
Mr. Speaker, I wish to commend and congratulate the Bay City Girls Softball Association and all the community activists who contribute to this association, on this the 40th Anniversary celebration of this important group.

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