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Ballot Access — Part 2

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30 July 1998

1998 Ron Paul 91:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Chairman, I yield myself such time as I may consume. It is always interesting that when we have an appropriate amendment that seems to catch the attention of the Members, that it is probably not the appropriate time to bring it up, and that we should hold hearings and do it some other day.

1998 Ron Paul 91:2
We have been spending months, and I believe both sides of the aisle have been very sincere in their efforts to clarify and to improve our election process. I think this would be a tremendous benefit to the congressional candidates as well, because there would be more interest. People are not even listening to the debates. If they are not even willing to listen to the presidential debates, how can they get interested in Senate races and in House races?

1998 Ron Paul 91:3
The rating of the debates in 1996 was the lowest in 36 years. The Vice-Presidential debate, we cannot even get people to listen to the Vice-Presidential debates. It had dropped off 50 percent from 1992. In 1992, there was more interest. It is because we happened to have a billionaire interested, and he was able to stimulate some people in some debates.

1998 Ron Paul 91:4
All I am asking for is for us to endorse the notion, and we have the authority, the money comes from congressional appropriations. We have written these laws. These are election laws. We have this authority. We have the authority under the Constitution and we have the authority under our laws to do this.

1998 Ron Paul 91:5
So I would strongly suggest if Members are fair-minded and think they would like more interest, or if they want to continue the way we are going now, we are going to have less and less people interested. People are really tired of it. The American people do not understand this debate, but they do understand they would like to have somebody speak up for them.

1998 Ron Paul 91:6
Forty-two percent of the people have been essentially disenfranchised, and they are important. Hopefully they are important enough to go to the polls and let us know about it. But they have been disenfranchised because they have lost interest. They have been pushed around, either with ballot access rules and regulations, or not being allowed to appear.

1998 Ron Paul 91:7
This does not mean those candidates more on the right would happen to be in the debate, or more on the left. It would open it up. This is fair-minded, it is proper, it is a good place to do it. It is a chance to vote on it, and I ask for support on this amendment.

1998 Ron Paul 91:8
Mr. Chairman, I yield back the balance of my time.

1998 Ron Paul 91:1 Mr. Chairman, I yield myself such time as I may consume. Here, Ron Paul continues consumption of time from 1998 Ron Paul Chapter 90.

1998 Ron Paul 91:4 congressional probably should be capitalized: Congressional.

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