The Book of Ron Paul
1998 Ron Paul Chapter 126

We Encouraged Saddam Hussein

12 February 1998

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1998 Ron Paul 126:1
Mr. PAUL. Could the gentleman yield?

1998 Ron Paul 126:2
Mr. HORN. I’ll be glad to yield.

1998 Ron Paul 126:3
Mr. PAUL. Thank you. The question isn’t so much that, let us say we could concede some of your argument. But why do you have such hostility to the Constitution and the process as what we’re talking about. Why don’t we have a declaration of war and win it? Why should we go with a U.N. resolution? And why should we go with legislation that’s 8 years old? That’s one of our greatest concerns.

1998 Ron Paul Chapter 126
The text of this chapter and Chapter 12 were spoken so closely in time that the same C-Span video clip is used for both.


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