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Honoring The Victoria High School Varsity Cheerleaders Of Victoria, Texas

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10 March 1999
Wednesday, March 10, 1999

1999 Ron Paul 14:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay honor to the winners of the National High School Cheerleading Championship sponsored by the Universal Cheerleaders Association — the Victoria High School Varsity Cheerleaders from Victoria, Texas. Under the able leadership of Denise Neel and Terese Reese, the squad of teens took the title for 1999 following an impressive history of second place in 1998, and third place in 1997. Each year, the cheerleaders set their mark higher, worked harder, trained longer, and kept their eyes on their goal. Their training and perseverance paid off when they brought the national trophy home to their school.

1999 Ron Paul 14:2
The cheerleaders competed against a field of 74 squads in the Medium Varsity Division to reach the national trials. There, they competed against the thirteen regional finalists, coming out on top. The VHS cheerleading team is the first Texas squad to ever win the National Championship.

1999 Ron Paul 14:3
In addition to their cheerleading duties which include cheering at every sporting event held by their school and a rigorous practice schedule, each of these girls must maintain a grade of at least 80 in each class. They also participate in numerous community activities, such as the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and the March of Dimes Walk America. Additionally, they worked with the elementary and middle schools during TAAS testing and Red Ribbon Week, and the Gulf Bend Mental Health-Mental Retardation during Friendship Fest.

1999 Ron Paul 14:4
This group of students deserve the honor they have earned. I commend each one of them:

1999 Ron Paul 14:5
Liz Lasater and Kendra Serold — Co-Head Cheerleaders
Natalie Cole
Leah Green
Melissa Myers
Laurie Beck
Lindy Burns
Amy Reimann
Amber Clemmons
Sara Dickson
Courtney Horecka
Haley Kolle
Amanda Rodriquez
Karla Sterne
Melissa Keefe
Chelsie Luhn
Sara Carville

1999 Ron Paul 14:6
I am proud to have these national champions in the 14th Congressional District of Texas, and trust all my colleagues join me in congratulating them on this impressive achievement.

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