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Father of the Constitution

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Father of the Constitution
A Republic, If You Can Keep It
31 January 2000    2000 Ron Paul 2:53
This understanding of the Constitution, as described by the Father of the Constitution, has been lost in this century. Jefferson was just as clear, writing in 1798 when he said, “Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare but only those specifically enumerated.”

Father of the Constitution
Republic Versus Democracy
29 January 2003    2003 Ron Paul 6:2
Madison, the Father of the Constitution, could not have been more explicit in his fear and concern for democracies. “Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contentions, have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property, and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

Texas Straight Talk

Father of the Constitution
Policy is More Important than Personnel
24 April 2006    Texas Straight Talk 24 April 2006 verse 8 ... Cached
Consider the words of James Madison, often considered the father of the Constitution:

Texas Straight Talk from 20 December 1996 to 23 June 2008 (573 editions) are included in this Concordance. Texas Straight Talk after 23 June 2008 is in blog form on Rep. Paul’s Congressional website and is not included in this Concordance.

Remember, not everything in the concordance is Ron Paul’s words. Some things he quoted, and he added some newspaper and magazine articles to the Congressional Record. Check the original speech to see.

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