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2005 Ron Paul Chapter 85

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Congressional Record [.PDF]

Tribute To A.J. Pete Reixach
14 July 2005

Thursday, July 14, 2005

2005 Ron Paul 85:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I rise to congratulate A.J. Pete Reixach as the celebration of his having spent 20 years at Port Freeport rapidly approaches.

2005 Ron Paul 85:2
As American Association of Port Authorities President Kurt J. Nagle said recently, “Pete deserves congratulations not only for reaching the remarkable milestone of 20 years at the Port, but also for the dramatic growth Port Freeport has achieved during his tenure. In an industry where the average tenure for a port director is less than 7 years, Pete’s 20 years at Port Freeport are a tribute to his effectiveness in directing the Port and to the Port’s substantial economic impacts to the region. He is both well-respected and recognized as an industry leader by his colleagues.”

2005 Ron Paul 85:3
To learn more about Reixach’s time at the Port one only needs to talk with representatives of the Port’s many customers such as American Rice Inc., Dole Fresh Fruit Company, Chiquita Brands Inc. and Turbana Corp, the last two of which began their relationship with the Port during Reixach’s tenure.

2005 Ron Paul 85:4
Mr. Speaker, Port Freeport now ranks 12th among all U.S. ports in international cargo. The Port has added new berths and continues to grow. A cool storage facility has been built and is set for expansion. The harbor channel was deepened to 45 feet with efforts now moving forward in this Congress toward approval of a 60-foot depth, a project I have been pleased to support. Public dock activity at the Port has burgeoned; so, too, has that at berths of such firms as Teppco/Seaway, ConocoPhillips and The Dow Chemical Co. This has all happened during Reixach’s time as Executive Director of the Port.

2005 Ron Paul 85:5
While enrolled at the University of New Orleans Mr. Reixach began working as a clerk in the New Orleans office of Greek-owned Hellenic Lines Ltd. By the time Hellenic ceased operations in 1983, Reixach had worked his way up to a vice presidency in the line’s Houston office. Immediately prior to coming to Port Freeport, he was general manager in the Houston office of Dutch shipping company F.A. Voight Inc.

2005 Ron Paul 85:6
Reixach initially was hired to serve as assistant general manager at Freeport. Two years later, Reixach was promoted to the new position of executive director, the job he still holds.

2005 Ron Paul 85:7
Mr. Speaker, Pete Reixach, 62, lives in Lake Jackson with his wife, Susie. I wish the two of them much happiness and continued success as Pete approaches 20 years with Port Freeport.

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