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2005 Ron Paul Chapter 37

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Congressional Record [.PDF]

Tribute To Dr. Andrew Messenger, A True Friend Of Liberty
6 April 2005

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

2005 Ron Paul 37:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay tribute to a friend and patriot, Dr. Andrew L. Messenger, of Riverdale, Michigan.

2005 Ron Paul 37:2
As a physician, I know Dr. Messenger is the type of doctor all of us would want to have to take care of us. He is capable, loves his work, genuinely cares about his patients, and is always available if someone needs him. In fact, he loves being a doctor so much that he did not retire until this past year at age 83.

2005 Ron Paul 37:3
Every day he would wake up early to be at the office by 6:45 a.m. He knew that many of his working patients preferred to come in early so he made himself available. Dr. Messenger felt that if he as a doctor was unavailable, he was worthless.

2005 Ron Paul 37:4
Dr. Messenger also applied this principle to being a father. Leaving the house early in the morning allowed him to spend time with his family in the evenings. Most nights and weekends were spent hunting, fishing, playing at the local playground, and attending athletic events with his six children.

2005 Ron Paul 37:5
When Dr. Messenger returned home from work, the whole family would sit around the dinner table and discuss personal and newsworthy events of the day. After dinner was done and homework finished, Dr. Messenger would take the kids out to play. Baseball and going to the park were two of the Messenger family’s favorite after dinner activities.

2005 Ron Paul 37:6
His personal involvement in the lives of his children paid off. He has six successful children, three of whom are doctors.

2005 Ron Paul 37:7
Dr. Messenger lives by the principals of honesty, hard work, and caring for his fellow man, and took great care to instill these same principles into his children.

2005 Ron Paul 37:8
After raising a family and running a respected practice, Dr. Messenger continues to make a difference not only in his local community and across the United States through his generous support of the Leadership Institute.

2005 Ron Paul 37:9
When most men embrace the rewards retirement offers, Dr. Messenger pushes on to make a difference in the lives of his countrymen. Dr. Messenger’s support of the Leadership Institute gives young people and working professionals the practical tools necessary to advance liberty and protect freedom. Too often freedom has few friends on our college campuses, in our state houses, and in our capitol. Dr. Messenger is providing everyday citizens with the resources necessary to defend the dream of limited government George Washington and the rest of our founding fathers created when they wrote our constitution.

2005 Ron Paul 37:10
Clearly, Dr. Messenger has not only contributed to society by raising six successful children, he has made provisions for future generations through investing in the long-term mission of the Leadership Institute.

2005 Ron Paul 37:11
Thank you, Dr. Messenger, for investing in the lives of the future leaders of this country through your faithful and generous support of the Leadership Institute.

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