The Book of Ron Paul
1998 Ron Paul Chapter 57

Bankruptcy Hierarchy — Part 2

10 June 1998

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1998 Ron Paul 57:1
Mr. PAUL. How much time is remaining?

1998 Ron Paul 57:2
The Chairman. The gentleman from Texas has 1 and 1/2 minutes remaining.

1998 Ron Paul 57:3
Mr. PAUL. Thank you. I would just like to respond by saying I certainly do recognize the responsibility of the U.S. Congress in dealing with national legislation dealing with bankruptcy and that bankruptcy laws should be uniform and fair. But this does not preclude us from thinking about the particulars of a piece of legislation designating the importance of the different governmental bodies, so everything I say about emphasizing local government over Federal Government is certainly legitimate and doesn’t contradict in any way the notion that we should not deal with this at all because certainly we have this authority to do so.

1998 Ron Paul 57:4
And it still remains to be seen with much of a cost at all involved here; I happen to think not very much, but I would like to emphasize once again the importance of dealing with cutting spending rather than always resorting to say how do we pay something, pay for something, by merely raising taxes elsewhere if we happen to work in a benefit on a program such as this.

1998 Ron Paul 57:5
So I would say that it is very important that we do think about local government over Federal government, think about less taxes and less bureaucracy, because unless we change our mind set on this, we will continue to put the priorities of the Federal Government and the IRS up at the top. I want them at the bottom. That’s where they deserve. They don’t know how to spend their money. They don’t know how to spend their money, and we ought to see to it that they get a lot less of it.


1998 Ron Paul Chapter 57
In this chapter, Ron Paul continues a speech begun in 1998 Ron Paul Chapter 56.

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