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1998 Ron Paul Chapter 5

Supporting H.R. 2846

5 February 1998

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Mr. LINDER. Madam Speaker, I’m not sure we are going to settle that violation question here today. But I’ll yield 1 minute to the gentleman from Texas (Mr. PAUL) to try.
The SPEAKER pro tempore. Gentleman from Texas is recognized for 1 minute.

1998 Ron Paul 5:1
Mr. PAUL. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

1998 Ron Paul 5:2
Madam Speaker, I rise in support of this rule; and I support H.R. 2846, which forbids the use of Federal funds to develop or implement a national test without explicit authorization from Congress.

1998 Ron Paul 5:3
Supporters of protecting the United States Constitution from overreaching by the executive branch should support this bill, as the administration’s plan to develop and implement a national testing program without Congressional authorization is a blatant violation of the constitutional doctrine of separation of powers.

1998 Ron Paul 5:4
However, support of this bill should in no way be interpreted to imply that Congress has the power to authorize national testing. Education is not one of the powers delegated to the Federal Government.

1998 Ron Paul 5:5
As the 9th and 10th Amendment makes clear, the Federal Government can only act in those areas where there is an explicit delegation of power. Therefore, the Federal Government has no legitimate authority to legislate in this area of education. Rather, all matters concerning education, including testing, remain with those best able to educate children: individual States, local communities and, primarily, parents.

1998 Ron Paul 5:6
Mr. LINDER. I’ll be happy to yield an additional 30 seconds.

1998 Ron Paul 5:7
The SPEAKER pro tempore. Gentleman is recognized for an additional 30 seconds.

1998 Ron Paul 5:8
I therefore urge my colleagues to vote for H.R. 2846 which stops the administration from ultimately implementing national tests and oppose all legislation authorizing the creation of a national test. Instead, this Congress should work to restore control over their children’s education to the American people by shutting down the Federal education bureaucracy and cutting taxes on American parents so they may better provide for the education of their own children.

1998 Ron Paul 5:9
And I yield back.


1998 Ron Paul Chapter 5
Ron Paul extends his remarks a few pages later in the Congressional Record. See 1998 Ron Paul Chapter 6, which is unspoken.

1998 Ron Paul 5:1
I thank the gentleman for yielding. Here, Ron Paul thanks The Honorable John Linder of Georgia.

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