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1998 Ron Paul Chapter 114

Recognizing The Award Winners Of The Fayette County 4-H

8 October 1998

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Wednesday, October 7, 1998

1998 Ron Paul 114:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I would like to offer my congratulations to thirteen young men and women from Fayette County who will this weekend be honored by the Fayette County 4-H club in my district.

1998 Ron Paul 114:2
Being awarded the Gold Star will be Michelle Cernoch; Ashley Dittert, and Vickie Sanders.

1998 Ron Paul 114:3
Receiving the Silver Star, Bradley Klesel and Billie Jo Murphy.

1998 Ron Paul 114:4
The “I Dare You” award will go to Heather Woelfel and Shayne Markwardt.

1998 Ron Paul 114:5
The “Outstanding Junior” Award will be presented to Jenifer Klesel, Melanie Cernoch and Kelly Orsak.

1998 Ron Paul 114:6
And finally, the “Outstanding Sub Junior” award will be presented to Adam Mayer, Jodie Kristynick and Brandon Otto.

1998 Ron Paul 114:7
These fine young people should be commended for their dedication to the fine principles of 4-H. I know I speak for all the constituents of the 14th District when I offer them congratulations and best wishes for continued success.


1998 Ron Paul Chapter 114
This statement, inserted into the Congressional Record's Extensions of Remarks, is almost the same statement as in 1998 Ron Paul Chapter 116.

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