The Book of Ron Paul
1997 Ron Paul Chapter 97

Inconsistency In America’s Foreign Policy

5 November 1997

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The Speaker PRO TEMPORE. For what purpose does the gentleman from Texas rise?

1997 Ron Paul 97:1
Mr. PAUL. I ask unanimous consent to address the House for 1 minute.

1997 Ron Paul 97:2
The SPEAKER pro tempore. Without objection.

1997 Ron Paul 97:3
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, the Congress has never earned high marks for consistency. We do spend many hours debating the minor differences in the management of many centralized programs that are generally unwarranted. But when it comes to foreign policy, I see both sides of the aisle are eagerly agreeing with the President that we must threaten force and use of force in Iraq.

1997 Ron Paul 97:4
And yet, there’s no indication that this is a proper position. We have been told by the Ambassador to the United Nations that the reason we must threaten force in this area is that it’s a direct threat to the security of the United Nations. And here all along I thought I was here in the Congress to protect the security of the United States.

1997 Ron Paul 97:5
We are inconsistent because the majority of the American people want us out of Bosnia. Most Members of Congress argue and vote to get us out of Bosnia. There is no indication that we’re going to get out of Bosnia. And yet, here we are, chanting away that we should use force and threaten force in Bosnia. We don’t have that same policy with China.

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