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1997 Ron Paul Chapter 81


3 September 1997

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1997 Ron Paul 81:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Chairman, will the gentleman yield?

1997 Ron Paul 81:2
Mr. CALLAHAN. I yield to the gentleman from Texas.

1997 Ron Paul 81:3
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Chairman, I do not want to imply that the gentleman has permitted or endorsed or encouraged or the bill says directly there are funds here for abortion. I will concede that.

1997 Ron Paul 81:4
Mr. CALLAHAN. Mr. Chairman, reclaiming my time, if the gentleman would answer my question, is there anything in this bill that leads the gentleman to believe that any of this money can be used for abortion anywhere in the world?

1997 Ron Paul 81:5
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Chairman, I am addressing the fungibility argument.

1997 Ron Paul 81:6
Mr. CALLAHAN. The fungibility and the tangibility of what is in this bill, you cannot use any of this money for abortions anywhere in the world. If the gentleman would concede to that point, I would be happy to yield.

1997 Ron Paul 81:7
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Chairman, that is true directly, but indirectly the fungibility argument is very important. If you use funds for other things, you say the governments and agencies can use them for abortion. So you do it indirectly.

1997 Ron Paul 81:8
Yes, it might be a little harder to comprehend the fungibility argument, but it is there. If we support a country or a government or an agency that does permit and endorse abortion and they can use these funds for birth control pills, they can use their other funds to do the abortion.

1997 Ron Paul 81:9
So, yes, the gentleman is correct that directly there are no funds in this bill that will provide for abortion. But indirectly it opens up some funds and makes them available for abortion.

1997 Ron Paul 81:10
Mr. CALLAHAN. Mr. Chairman, reclaiming my time, will the gentleman admit that we have done a very favorable job in moving in the same direction the gentleman would like us to move? Would the gentleman not admit that since when I took over this committee we have saved $518 million? And now we have reduced it, we have reduced it to a level of $385 million. I think we have made significant inroads and yet preserved the ability of agencies to go into a country with limited educational opportunities to give them advice.

1997 Ron Paul 81:11
Maybe it can be through a church, maybe it can be through abstinence programs, but I do think education in that manner actually denies the probability of abortions even being presented. But if they were presented, none of this money could ever be used under any circumstance for an abortion anywhere in the world for family planning purposes.

1997 Ron Paul 81:12
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Chairman, if the gentleman would yield further, the efficiency of the programs are to be questioned. If you look at the Norplant program, they put this Norplant in hundreds of thousands of women. It is not a good medication. I have personal experience from it. Then they use that as an example of the reason to promote it in the United States.

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