The Book of Ron Paul
1997 Ron Paul Chapter 52


4 June 1997

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1997 Ron Paul 52:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Chairman, will the gentleman yield?

1997 Ron Paul 52:2
Mr. SMITH of New Jersey. I yield to the gentleman from Texas.

1997 Ron Paul 52:3
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Chairman, I certainly will support some of these reforms, especially in curtailing some of these funds going to abortion. Certainly that would be repugnant to me. But still, I go back to the issue of the cost. Yes, we want to do good, but can we do this by harming poor people in this country, because when we tax and take money from this country, we really do contribute to problems in this country, unemployment, inflation, deficits; and this is all part of the picture.

1997 Ron Paul 52:4
So can we morally justify injuring our people here at home with the pretense that we are doing good overseas?


1997 Ron Paul Chapter 52

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