The Book of Ron Paul
1997 Ron Paul Chapter 43

Reaffirming Commitment Of United States To Principles Of The Marshall Plan

21 May 1997

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1997 Ron Paul 43:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, will the gentleman yield?

1997 Ron Paul 43:2
Mr. LANTOS. I am delighted to yield to my friend.

1997 Ron Paul 43:3
Mr. PAUL. Thank you for yielding. I think that there could not be an argument made that every dollar that we sent to Europe did not have some beneficial effect. Quite possibly it did. But my point is that if that money from the taxpayer had not been sent, there is nothing that says it might not have been sent through the investors, but it depended on the political climate and what they did. I don’t want to deemphasize that. That is the important reason why this foreign aid was not as harmful as it usually is, and it had some benefits, mainly because of the political climate.

1997 Ron Paul 43:4
Mr. LANTOS. If I may reclaim my time, not only was it not harmful, it was the inevitable precondition of development. You should be open-minded enough to admit that this was an enormously statesmanlike and incredibly successful measure, and I have difficulty visualizing the need 50 years later, looking at a success story, trying to denigrate it.

1997 Ron Paul 43:5
I yield back the balance of my time.

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