The Book of Ron Paul
1997 Ron Paul Chapter 37

Voting For Libertarianism Is Voting For Liberty

16 May 1997

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(Mr. PAUL asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.)

1997 Ron Paul 37:1
Mr. PAUL. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. We have just finished the debate on the jobs programs bill, and in the discussion I was referred to as a libertarian, but a very consistent one that voted the same way on each type of legislation.

1997 Ron Paul 37:2
I would like to remind my colleagues that voting for libertarianism is voting for liberty. Also it is a very consistent vote with the Doctrine of Enumerated Powers. It is said in the Constitution that we can only do here in the Congress which is enumerated by the clauses within the document. So therefore, if it is said that I am very consistent and at once to be labeled as libertarian, that is one thing, I do not deny that. But in the other sense, I am a strict constitutionalist that obeys and listens very carefully to my pledge to the Constitution as well as paying close attention to the Ninth and Tenth Amendment; and I yield back.


1997 Ron Paul 37:2

Where Congressional Record says, ninth and tenth amendment the words are capitalized here, Ninth and Tenth Amendment Cf: North and South Dakota.

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