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1997 Ron Paul Chapter 11


13 March 1997

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Mr. GOSS. Mr. Speaker, I yield such time as he may consume to the gentleman from Texas [Mr. PAUL].
(Mr. PAUL asked and was given permission to revise and extend his remarks.)

1997 Ron Paul 11:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, today, we are potentially faced with a vote to decertify Mexico for not cooperating with the United States to adequately fight the war on drugs. This is yet another of the truly frustrating votes in which a Member of Congress is forced to choose between two alternatives, both of which mandate not only an unconstitutional use of American taxpayer’s dollars but pursue an ineffective policy action.

1997 Ron Paul 11:2
President Clinton recently certified Mexico as a good drug warrior. However, absent some procedural maneuvering to remove a waiver that allows the President to release Mexican foreign assistance notwithstanding decertification, the only choice we as Members of Congress will be left with is: First, certify Mexico and further encourage an obviously corrupt political regime to continue its corruption-based, prohibition-era-style activities with a check from the United States taxpayers in the amount of $25 million; or, second, decertify Mexico and pressure that same regime to increase its corruption-based, prohibition-era-style activities with a check from the United States taxpayers in the amount of $25 million.

1997 Ron Paul 11:3
Voting against certification does little more than pressure Mexico to pretend it’s cracking down on drug producers. Voting for certification condones the President’s position that Mexico is doing everything possible and the corruption remains both ignored and subsidized. This vote has become meaningless; the process of Mexican certification has become a kind of political dog and pony show. Unfortunately for the American taxpayer, foreign aid will continue to flow to Mexico regardless of the vote and regardless of whether this money accomplishes anything positive or productive.

1997 Ron Paul 11:4
Today’s war on drugs consists of inherently defective tactics and, as such, a new approach to the drug problem is desperately warranted. If we are going to be honest with ourselves, we would have to decertify our border guards, prison wardens, and school principals; after all, we cannot even keep drugs out of our own country, prisons, or schools.

1997 Ron Paul 11:5
We never seem to learn anything from our failures. Two years ago Texas banned smoking in all prisons. The price of a 99-cent pack of cigarettes suddenly soared to $25 within the prison system, yet smoking continues while corruption thrives. Just last year, 40 prison employees faced felony charges for dealing in cigarettes.

1997 Ron Paul 11:6
I cannot possibly vote to certify Mexico as a drug warrior obediently taking orders from the United States Government. How can I in good conscience vote for a resolution to decertify Mexico whether it has teeth in it or not since our whole approach to the drug problem is flawed and doomed to fail. Most Members recognize this and thus, the frustration with this resolution.

1997 Ron Paul 11:7
This resolution, whether it passes or fails, embraces and subsidizes the same flaws prohibition-era approach and does little more than increase potential corruption and crime. The sooner we realize and acknowledge this, the better.

1997 Ron Paul 11:8
I urge a no vote on the rule.


1997 Ron Paul Chapter 11

Except for the request to insert a statement in Congressional Record, none of the text of this chapter was spoken on the House floor.

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