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Monica Lewinsky

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Monica Lewinsky
Supports Impeachment Of President Clinton
19 December 1998    1998 Ron Paul 125:3
But there are many people in this country and some members of Congress who sincerely believe we have over concentrated on the Lewinsky event while ignoring many other charges that have been pushed aside and not fully scrutinized by the House. It must not be forgotten that a resolution to inquire into the possible impeachment of the President was introduced two months before the nation became aware of Monica Lewinsky.

Monica Lewinsky
Supports Impeachment Of President Clinton
19 December 1998    1998 Ron Paul 125:22
Itís sad but there is another example of a most egregious abuse of presidential power, committed by the President, that has gotten no attention by the special prosecutors or the Congress. That is the attempt by the President to distract from the Monica Lewinsky testimony to the Grand Jury by bombing with cruise missiles both Sudan and Afghanistan, and the now current war against Iraq.

Monica Lewinsky
The Price Of War
5 September 2002    2002 Ron Paul 83:25
Clintonís bombing of Sudan and Afghanistan on the eve of his indictment over Monica Lewinsky shattered a Taliban plan to expel Osama bin Laden from Afghanistan. Clintonís bombing of Baghdad on the eve of his impeachment hardly won any converts to our cause or reassured the Muslim people of the Middle Eastern countries of a U.S. balanced policy. The continued bombing of Iraq over these past 12 years, along with the deadly sanctions, resulted in hundreds of thousands of needless Iraqi civilian deaths, has not been beneficial to our security and has been used as one of the excuses for recruiting the fanatics ready to sacrifice their lives and demonstrating their hatred toward us.

Texas Straight Talk

Monica Lewinsky
"Wagging" imperialism as bad as the Dog
24 August 1998    Texas Straight Talk 24 August 1998 verse 4 ... Cached
But then, I'm not sure if even Bill Clinton himself knows. I'm certain it would be easy for him to subconsciously rationalize anything that distracts us from the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Monica Lewinsky
China is only winner in scandals
31 May 1999    Texas Straight Talk 31 May 1999 verse 13 ... Cached
Almost two years ago, long before Monica Lewinsky and the national soap opera begun, several Members and I introduced an Inquiry into Impeachment because of the then-materializing allegations involving these serious breaches of national security, among other similar charges. Of course, this Congress -- and indeed much of the nation -- was disinterested in pursuing such an investigation, apparently because it is far less ribald than the obsession with sex, though arguably more dangerous.

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