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Gerald Ford
Mourning The Death Of Ronald Reagan
9 June 2004    2004 Ron Paul 38:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, all Americans mourn the death of President Ronald Reagan, but those of us who had the opportunity to know President Reagan are especially saddened. I got to know President Reagan in 1976 when, as a freshman congressman, I was one of only four members of this body to endorse then-Governor Reaganís primary challenge to President Gerald Ford. I had the privilege of serving as the leader of President Reaganís Texas delegation at the Republican convention of 1976, where Ronald Reagan almost defeated an incumbent president for his partyís nomination.

Gerald Ford
Honoring Phil Crane
November 17, 2004    2004 Ron Paul 78:4
When I came to Congress in the seventies to fight to limit the size and scope of the federal government, I was pleased to find a kindred sprit in the gentleman from Illinois. I had the privilege of working with Phil on several efforts to cut taxes, reduce regulations, and return the government to its constitutional size. I also had the privilege of working with Phil when we where two of only four members to endorse Ronald Reaganís 1976 primary challenge to President Gerald Ford.

Gerald Ford
A Man Of Principle
15 June 2007    2007 Ron Paul 67:6
I met Congressman Jones in his office in the Rayburn Office Building some eight months ago. I was impressed then with his grasp of the situation in Iraq and his unqualified love of country and support for our military. Indeed, for the last five years, he is one of only several congressional Republicans who have embraced their constitutional responsibilities to overwatch and hold accountable our executive branch of government. He asks the tough questions and never backs down. The vast majority of our party has long since abrogated this incredibly important aspect of their duty. He well represents his constituents and the best interests of both our country and our military. As President Gerald Ford once said, ďTruth is the glue that holds our government together.Ē Since our first meeting eight months ago, my respect of Walter Jones has multiplied tenfold.

Texas Straight Talk from 20 December 1996 to 23 June 2008 (573 editions) are included in this Concordance. Texas Straight Talk after 23 June 2008 is in blog form on Rep. Paul’s Congressional website and is not included in this Concordance.

Remember, not everything in the concordance is Ron Paul’s words. Some things he quoted, and he added some newspaper and magazine articles to the Congressional Record. Check the original speech to see.

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