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Education and Workforce
English Language Fluency Act
10 September 1998    1998 Ron Paul 96:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the opportunity to express my opposition to H.R. 3892, the English Language Fluency Act. Although I supported the bill when it was marked-up before the Education and Workforce Committee, after having an opportunity to study the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)ís scoring of H.R. 3892, I realized that I must oppose this bill because it increases expenditures for bilingual education. Thus, this bill actually increases the Federal Governmentís role in education.

Education and Workforce
Literacy Involves Families Together Act
September 12, 2000    2000 Ron Paul 75:2
* Several of my colleagues on the Education and Workforce Committee have expressed opposition to the LIFT Actís dramatic increase in authorized expenditures for the Even Start family literacy programs. Of course, I share their opposition to the increased expenditure, however, my opposition to this bill is based not as much on the authorized amount but on the billís underlaying premise: that the American people either cannot or will not provide educational services to those who need them unless they are forced to do so by the federal government.

Education and Workforce
October 24, 2000    2000 Ron Paul 90:4
* When social services are nationalized, there is inevitably waste and inefficiency in the distribution of the services. This is because when the government administers social services the lionís share of those services are provided to those with the most effective lobby or those whose Congressional representative is able to exercise the most clout at appropriations time. While I applaud the efforts of certain of my colleagues on the Education and Workforce Committee to direct resources to where they are truly needed, particularly Mr. Barrettís efforts to bring more resources to rural areas, the politicization of social services will inevitably result in some areas receiving inadequate funding to meet their demand for those services. I have little doubt that if these programs were restored to the private sector those areas with the greatest concentration of needy seniors would receive priority over those areas with the most powerful lobby.

Texas Straight Talk

Education and Workforce
- Paul's legislation focuses on individual liberty
25 August 1997    Texas Straight Talk 25 August 1997 verse 10 ... Cached
HR 2029 has been sent to my committee, the Education and Workforce Committee, as well as the National Security Committee.

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