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addictive substances
A Republic, If You Can Keep It Part 2
2 February 2000    2000 Ron Paul 5:38
There were no Federal laws at the end of the 19th century dealing with drugs or guns. Gun violence was rare and abuse of addictive substances was only a minor problem. Now, after 100 years of progressive Government intervention in dealing with guns and drugs, with thousands of laws and regulations, we have more gun violence and a huge drug problem.

Texas Straight Talk

addictive substances
No such thing as a free (government) needle
27 April 1998    Texas Straight Talk 27 April 1998 verse 4 ... Cached
As a physician, I can say with no uncertainty that it is far better for a person to use a sterile needle rather than a dirty one. Of course, it is also medically much better for someone to avoid putting harmful or addictive substances into their blood stream, or engage in risky sexual behavior.

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