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17 April 2012

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Ron Paul 5:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, on April 29, 2012, the Sweeny Civic Club, the oldest female civic service organization in Brazoria County, Texas, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding by six Texas women whose goal was to form an organization “to do good works and charitable deeds.” I am pleased to congratulate the members of the club on their century of service to the community of Sweeny, Texas.

2012 Ron Paul 5:2
The Sweeny Civic Club led the effort to create the Sweeney public school system and the Sweeney Public library. Supporting education remains a passion of the Sweeny Civic Club to this day. The club’s work to ensure the children of Sweeney obtain a first-class education alone makes them worthy of commendation. However, the Sweeney Civic Club’s contributions are hardly limited to education. The Sweeny Civic Club has played a vital role in making sure the people of Sweeny have access to quality health care by working to build and support the Sweeny Community Hospital. They also played a key role in building the Sweeny Cemetery. These are just some of the many ways the members of the club have worked to fulfill their objective “to promote civic and social improvement through organized efforts and to promote the interests and improvement of the City of Sweeney.” The highlight of the 100th anniversary celebration will be the unveiling and dedication of “Lady Civic,” a life-sized statue of a women dress in 19th century fashion. “Lady Civics” symbolizes the Sweeny Civic Club’s founders, and is the club’s latest gift to the city of Sweeney. This statue is a fitting tribute to all the women who have worked with the Sweeny Civics Club, freely dedicating their time and talents to improving the lives of their fellow residents of Sweeny.

2012 Ron Paul 5:3
The Sweeny Civic Club’s 1900 years of service to their community stands as a shining example of how citizens acting together can better their communities. The Sweeny Civic Club’s many accomplishes should serve as model and inspiration to us all. It is therefore my pleasure to offer my congratulations to the Sweeney Civic Club on their centennial and extend my best wishes for many more years of service to the people of Sweeney.

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