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Get Out of Pakistan
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I yield 3 minutes to the gentleman from Texas (Mr. PAUL), who is the cosponsor of this resolution. I want to express to him my gratitude for his patriotism. (Mr. PAUL asked and was given permission to revise and extend his remarks.)

2010 Ron Paul 46:1
Mr. PAUL. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

2010 Ron Paul 46:2
First off, I would like to address the subject about hostilities. It is true that there are no armies facing each other and shooting and killing each other, no tanks, no conventional type of hostilities. We donít live in a conventional era and we donít fight conventional wars, but there is a lot of hostile action going on.

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In looking and checking to find out if anybody has been killed, in the reports that I found, anywhere from 1,000 to 2,500 Pakistanis have been killed. Now, that sounds like itís rather hostile. And that comes not from our invasion in troop, but weíve invaded them with our predators, with our drone missiles, and we drop bombs and we aim at targets, always at the bad people. But to the best of my knowledge from the information I get is that 14 al Qaeda leaders have been killed, and the rest have been civilians. And who knows exactly what their sentiments would be. Maybe a lot of them were defending their own country. Maybe they donít like foreign occupiers. But there is a lot of hostile action going on and a lot of people are dying.

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The gentleman from Ohio is quite correct. If you check with the people of Pakistan, they donít want us there. They donít want bombs dropped on them. How would we react in this country if all of a sudden there was a drone missile that landed on one of our cities and even one or two or three Americans were killed? We would be outraged and we would want to know about it. And here we do it constantly.

2010 Ron Paul 46:5
I complain that we donít know enough about it and we give up our prerogatives. We allow the Presidents to do what they want and then we just capitulate and give them the money and do whatever. But I argue we donít know enough. We donít assume our responsibility. The American people donít know about it until we get deep into these quagmires and into these messes.

2010 Ron Paul 46:6
But what about in Pakistan? There is a lot of conniving going on there because I am sure their leaders are quite satisfied with us going in there because we bribe them. The Congress just recently passed a bill that promises them $7.5 billion. Thatís how they stay in power, and itís also how they can help the Taliban whoís fighting us.

2010 Ron Paul 46:7
The whole thing is such a mess, but the people, if you ask the people of Pakistan, theyíre not going to support this. And the argument is that we have to support this because our generals want us to, because this is our mission. Well, what is our mission? Our mission ought to be to defend this country, preserve liberty, and show people what a free society looks like. We shouldnít be trying to tell other people how to live with bombs and threats. We give them two options: We tell them do it our way, and if they do, we give them a lot of money. If they donít do it our way, we start bombing them. But we donít achieve anything. Thatís my contention. We just go on and on.

2010 Ron Paul 46:8
My big beef is with the overall policy. I know weíre talking about the technicalities and weíre talking about Afghanistan and Pakistan, but we donít solve any of these technical problems until we deal with the subject of what kind of a foreign policy we endorse. Are we supposed to be the policemen of the world? Are we supposed to be in nation building? Are we supposed to bankrupt our people? Are we supposed to support the infrastructure of others, building all around the world and neglect all of ours? Itís coming to an end because this country is bankrupt, and weíre going to have to change our policy whether we like it or not.

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