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Honoring The Victoria High School Victoriadores, Victoria, TX

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19 May 1999

Wednesday, May 19, 1999

1999 Ron Paul 50:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay honor to the best drill team in the nation and in the world: the Victoria High School Victoriadores from Victoria, Texas. Under the exemplary leadership of D.J. Jaynes, Victoriadore Director, assisted by Laura Klimist, Choreographer, this outstanding group of ladies and gentlemen won many national honors at the marching Auxiliaries/Seaworld National Championship Competition. Their awards include the Choreography Award for all dances—jazz, high kick, military, lyrical and show production; Winner’s Circle (all dances scored 95 or above from all judges); named Best in Class for having the highest overall scores in the competition; and the National Champion Jacket Winners for earning the highest score from all categories and all dances.

1999 Ron Paul 50:2
After this impressive victory, the Victoriadores aimed for the championship at the Miss Dance/Drill Team USA Pageant and Competition. They easily took first place in military, high kick and show production and second place in lyrical, and they earned the Producers Award for the best overall presentation.

1999 Ron Paul 50:3
The taste of victory was so sweet, the Victoriadores decided to take the International Championship, competing against Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Channel Islands, Mexico and South America. The team won first and second place in Military and High Kick, with New Zealand placing third.

1999 Ron Paul 50:4
This group of students deserves the honors it has earned. I commend each one of them to you:
Brooke Adams
Chelsea Akin
Andrea Alvarez
Jennifer Alvarez
Pia Arifiles
Iza Arifiles
Rachel Barber
Samantha Bernal
April Blackwell
Liz Boldt
Meredyth Bryant
Lisa Buckler
Monica Canchola
Misty Cavazos
Stephanie Cernosek
Krysta Chacon
Melissa Chavez
Cody Cole
Kyra Coleman
Cari Collett
Kristin Creech
Carrie Dahlstrom
Nichol Dally
Katie Dayoc
D’Lisa DeLuna
Joey Dominquez
Cash Donahoe
Wendy Dry
Carly Dunnam
Jamie Dybala
Dyann Erwin
Bianca Estrada
Nicole Garcia
Michelle Garcia
Mandy Gaskamp
Clarisa Gonzales
Valarie Gonzales
Amber Grunewald
Lacey Hall
Erin Hanzelka
Megan Hearn
Theresa Hernandez
Brandy Hill
Blair Hunt
Amy Innocenti
Melissa Jecker
Laura Jecker
Eric Jentsch
Ida Jimenez
Kelly Johnson
Allison Jones
Morgan Kallus
Jill Kauffman
Lindsey Klein
Hilary Koenig
Emily Loeb
Amanda Lott
Aimee Lovik
Waverly Lynch
Tara Marek
Kelly Martin
Ashley Martin
Erin Martin
Nina Martinez
Stacy McCants
Sarah McKay
Taysha McKibbon
Tyler Meador
Valerie Medina
Corie Meinke
Garrett Middleton
James Miller
Lori Monclova
Tammy Newbern
Jamie O’Quinn
Jennifer Padilla
Dusty Patek
Aaron Pearson
Matina Pflaum
Sara Quitta
Melissa Ragsdale
Katie Reimann
Natalie Ricks
Brandi Roth
Jennifer Salinas
Brianne Schmidt
Penny Schumacher
Sara Schweke
Jamie Sedlacek
Tenille Shafer
Loren Shafer
Heather Shannon
Justin Sheppard
Brett Shoemaker
Amanda Stewart
Stacey Talley
Juli Teeters
Bianca Tilley
Amanda Trevino
Lauren Tuso
Elane Urbano
Pam Urbish
Jessica Vaughan
Whitney Wilkinson
Lindsey Williams
Laura Windwehen
Melanie Winston
D.J. Jaynes, Victoriadore Director/ Choreographer Laura Klimist, Choreographer

1999 Ron Paul 50:5
I am proud to have these national and international championships in the 14th Congressional District of Texas. I am proud of the commitment to excellence and perserverance shown by each student which was necessary to reach these goals. I am proud of the support shown by the parents and guardians of these students which helped them reach their goals.

1999 Ron Paul 50:6
I trust all my colleagues join me in congratulating the Victoria High School Victoriadores on these impressive achievements.

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