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Round Top, TX Dedicates A New Post Office

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22 April 1999
Thursday, April 22, 1999

1999 Ron Paul 30:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, dedication ceremonies will soon be held in Texas to mark the completion of a new postal facility in Round Top, TX. This is the first new post office in this city since the 1968 dedication of the old one.

1999 Ron Paul 30:2
The route this new post office took from blue print to completion expresses the basis of being a Texan and an American. The U.S. Postal Service approached Round Top with a pre-designed post office building that had apparently been designed in Washington without the input of the people of Round Top. In true Texas fashion the people of this city stood up to say this new building would be in their town for their use and therefore insisted that it reflect the city in which it would be built. As a result, they now have a beautiful new building that reflects their history as a community and as Texans. Since Round Top has had a post office since the days of the Republic of Texas, is only fitting that this new building points to the proud heritage of our great state.

1999 Ron Paul 30:3
Our Founding Fathers intended for decisions to be made as close to the people as possible. By rejecting plans that had no connection to their city, the people of Round Top continue to live up to this great tradition.

1999 Ron Paul 30:4
Mr. Speaker, Postmaster Carol Oritz and her community are deservingly proud of their new post office and the history behind it. As our great state continues to grow and our major cities get even larger, we would be wise to remember the people of Round Top and other such communities.

1999 Ron Paul 30:5
It is fitting that the new post office in the Texas town of Round Top today flies an American flag that very recently flew over our nation’s capitol building.

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