The Book of Ron Paul
1998 Ron Paul Chapter 14

Opposing Federal Gun Control

24 February 1998

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1998 Ron Paul 14:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I rise to opposition to H.R. 424 for the following reason. Crime control and crime-related sentencing, the stated reason for enacting gun control legislation in the first place, was never intended to be a function of the federal government. Rather, it is a responsibility belonging to the states.

1998 Ron Paul 14:2
This country’s founders recognized the genius of dividing power amongst federal, state and local governments as a means to maximize individual liberty and make government most responsive to those persons who might most responsibly influence it. This division of power strictly limited the role of the federal government and, at the same time, anticipated that law enforcement would almost exclusively be the province and responsibility of state and local governments.

1998 Ron Paul 14:3
Constitutionally, there are only three federal crimes. These are treason against the United States, piracy on the high seas, and counterfeiting. Despite the various pleas for the federal government’s correction of all societal wrongs, a national police force and mandatory sentencing laws which violate the ninth and tenth amendments to the U.S. are neither prudent nor constitutional.

1998 Ron Paul 14:4
For this reason I oppose H.R. 424 and the federal government’s attempt to usurp the police power which properly rests with state governments.


1998 Ron Paul Chapter 14
The text of this chapter was inserted into Congressional Record as an extension of remarks, and was not spoken on the House floor.

1998 Ron Paul 14:3
ninth and tenth amendments probably should have been capitalized: Ninth and Tenth Amendments Cf.: South and North Dakota.
to the U.S. probably should have been to the U.S. Constitution.

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