The Book of Ron Paul
1997 Ron Paul Chapter 8

Truth Seems Easy to Revise

6 March 1997

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Mr. Speaker, I will yield to the gentleman from Texas.

1997 Ron Paul 8:1
Mr. PAUL. Yes, I find your conversation very interesting, and it reminds me of a incident that has occurred not too many years ago.

1997 Ron Paul 8:2
I am a physician. I graduated from medical school in 1961, and at that particular time they decided that saying the Hippocratic Oath was no longer necessary, and I did not recite the Hippocratic Oath at my graduation.

1997 Ron Paul 8:3
But when my son graduated there in 1988, they allowed us to come back to say the Hippocratic Oath. We were given that chance to come back because they were saying it once again, and I was very interested in this, so I went to his graduation, and at the ceremony they were reciting the Hippocratic Oath. And lo and behold, when I looked carefully at it, it was not the same oath. They had changed the clause on abortion. It did not say that you should not use an instrument to do an abortion. They merely said you should follow the law, whatever the law is.

1997 Ron Paul 8:4
So I thought that was a interesting little story to support your case that truth seems to be easily revised in this day and age.


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The Honorable Charles Joseph Scarborough of Florida yielded to Ron Paul.

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