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1997 Ron Paul Chapter 25

Housing Opportunity and Responsibility Act of 1997

30 April 1997

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Mr. LAZIO of New York. I would yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from Texas [Mr. PAUL]. Mr. Chairman. Gentleman from Texas is recognized for 2 minutes.

1997 Ron Paul 25:1
Mr. PAUL. Mr. Chairman, I thank the gentleman for yielding time to me.

1997 Ron Paul 25:2
Mr. Chairman, it was mentioned earlier that we have two visions about the housing program. And unfortunately, I see so little difference between these two visions. One, I see that the bureaucracy is centralized, spending a lot of money and not doing a very good job, and the other vision is that if we decentralized bureaucracy and spent even more money, that somehow or another we will improve the public housing of America.

1997 Ron Paul 25:3
But, I do want to challenge the statements here that all of a sudden something is being cut, because the way I read the figures, actually we are increasing the amount of money, and that should satisfy some opposition, but it would not satisfy me if we are spending more money. W’re supposed to be spending less money. But according to the CBO figures, we spent $25 billion last year on HUD funds, most of it going into public housing, and this year the proposal is that there will be $30 billion. And as we look at these figures on out, by the time we get to the year 2002 we are up to $36 billion.

1997 Ron Paul 25:4
So there are no cuts. There is a 20-percent increase this year. So I do not see how these funds are being slashed. I would like to see the funds cut and spent a different way. I think private enterprise is a much better way to build houses. There is no proof that this 30-year experimentation of $600 billion has been worth anything. We have spent $5 trillion on the war on poverty, and rightfully so. There are a lot of people complaining there is still a lot of poverty, still a lot of homeless, still a lot of people not getting medical care, and I think that’s true, but I think it represents the total failure of the welfare state.

1997 Ron Paul 25:5
It’s coming to an end. And this, unfortunately, no matter how well intended, and the gentleman from New York [Mr. Lazio] has done tremendous work, and has worked very hard to improve this situation, I wish I could share his optimism. There is no reason, my firends, to be optimistic about this bill, if it is passed or not passed. We have to address the subject of how we deal with this problem.

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