Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - A weekly Column

December 20, 1996

Offices will provide service to all parts of district

Mobile office will increase contact with congressional staff

It is hard to believe that, after more than eighteen months "on the campaign trail," the swearing in ceremony is so close at hand. I look forward to serving the people of our district in the US House of Representative and hope to be as accessible as possible. In many ways, that is what this monthly column is going to be all about.

This column will be offered not only to this newspaper, but also over the World Wide Web and through fax and e-mail. Each month this column will address various pieces of legislation and issues facing the Congress. To access the congressional web site, for now use the address That address will change in the coming months.

But this month I want to take the opportunity to update the district on the status of the Congressional Offices around the district.

First, we will maintain the current offices for the interim. Those are located in San Marcos, Victoria and Brazoria County. As we settle in, the Victoria office will remain open, but the Brazoria County office will move to a site closer to Surfside. Of course, a presence will be maintained in San Marcos.

These district offices will be able to process all inquiries and problems, whether regarding issue positions, dealings with federal agencies, problems processing benefits claims, military academy applications, or any of the multitude of other issues in working with and through the federal government.

An innovative change, though, will come from the use of a "mobile" office. This office - a modified RV - will travel the district on a set schedule, opening for business at the smaller, more remote sections of the district to give individuals greater direct contact with the congressional staff than ever before. The mobile office will be able to process all the questions and inquiries the traditional offices handle, including helping people secure their Social Security and Veterans' benefits. Watch your paper for more details.

Of course, our Washington office will always be available for legislative and issues-oriented questions. That number - after January 3, 1997 - will be (202) 225-2831.

I and my staff are looking forward to working with each of you in your federal government. If at any time you have questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to mail us at 203 Cannon, Washington, DC, 20515.

I truly appreciate the honor you have given me, and the trust you have placed in me as your elected representative in the Congress.