Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - A weekly Column
October 26, 1998
The Ominous Budget Deal
Measure lets foreign inspectors into US facilities, keeps troops in Bosnia

More than 8,000 pages of small print governmentese make up the Omnibus spending package recently approved by the US Congress, over the objections of myself and numerous other conservatives from Texas and around the country. The devilish details hidden in the package will remain obscured for weeks or months, until Americans have the chance to scour through the pages.

But one thing is clear, the omnibus package has ominous implications for those Americans concerned about our national security.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this package is the implementation of the international Chemical Weapons Convention. Under the terms of this convention, and approved in the omnibus package, the US must now open our weapons manufacturing and military storage sites to international inspectors.

For the first time, United Nations inspectors will be allowed to operate on US soil as if we were a rogue nation threatening international stability. That we are allowing foreign governments and inspectors to dictate how we protect ourselves is unconscionable.

While most people would agree that the use of so-called "chemical weapons" is deplorable, we also do not like the thought of ever having to use force. Unfortunately, just as the use of force in self-defense is required and we must never limit the right of Americans to protect themselves, so should we as a nation jealously defend our right to use any means necessary to safeguard ourselves from potential adversaries.

At the same time this omnibus package was allowing foreign inspectors on to American soil, it provided more than $225 million to keep American soldiers stuck in the middle of the Bosnian conflict. While many of us in Congress want to see our troops brought home from the presidentís little police action, this legislative monstrosity continues funding this relic of Vietnam-style interventionism.

Of course, that $225 million is only a drop in the foreign spending bucket, with approaching $50 billion of taxpayer cash being sent overseas.

One of the most egregious expenditures is $17.9 billion for the International Monetary Fund. Conservatives have battled for the past year to stop more money from going to this corrupt organization that props-up the failed economies of two-bit dictators the world-over.

It just isnít a good trade-off: sending our troops to fight winless wars which have no impact on our security while funneling tax dollars to organizations which operate in direct conflict with US values, so at the same time foreign inspectors can come here to weaken our defense.

While there are many possible explanations about how these heinous line-items entered the omnibus budget, the way they stayed was the sheer size of the document.

If the devil is indeed in the details, then we should all prepare for what else is still buried in the lines of ink.

The omnibus is an ominous package, indeed.